Personal Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy Assessment

A 45-minute introductory session with a certified Yoga Therapist, where you will be introduced to the concept of Yoga Therapy and how these techniques can be applied to the specific condition or challenge you are working with. We will review your medical history and present the latest research on how Yoga Therapy is helping others with similar conditions. We like to refer to this as our hope session, since most of those who come see us are dealing with chronic conditions, and have had limited success working within the parameters of traditional Western medicine.

Yoga Therapy Consultation

This 90-minute session is the foundation of our Yoga Therapy offerings. We will analyze your medical history and help you to develop an entire routine that will support your healing efforts. Utilizing the latest research on the challenge you are working with, we will combine yoga postures (asanas), energy movement techniques (pranayama) and meditation to develop a daily routine that is designed specifically for you.

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