Personal Meditation Instruction

Do you want to learn to meditate or to meditate more deeply? Do you have questions about your own practice that you would like to discus with an experienced meditator? Have you heard about the potential health benefits of meditation and want to know more? There is no greater gift that you could give yourself than to develop your own meditation practice. There is no one right way to meditate, as each of us is made up a bit differently, so choosing a style of practice that supports who you are is an important first step.

Meditation is one of the key elements of Yoga Therapy, and an effective meditation practice is an essential element of any Yogic healing program.

While learning how to meditate in a group setting can be effective, sometime you miss the little subtleties that can enhance your practice. It’s easy to become too mechanical when you are following a set of instructions, so having an experienced guide to discuss your meditation with can be very beneficial.

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