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My Story

The origins of Dev Prayag Yoga Therapy go back to 2006, when its’ founder, Bob Ash, suffered a tragedy that would change the course of his life. Bob was a business owner, an accomplished skydiver and was about to be married to the love of his life, Shannon Dean. On Memorial Day of that year, while on a trip celebrating the sale of his company, Shannon died in a parachuting accident. A series of strange events surrounded the accident and he felt inspired to take Shannon’s ashes to India, despite never having the prior desire to go there nor any interest in yoga. This course of events led him to a life-changing journey through the Himalayas, searching for that perfect spot to spread her ashes. That journey eventually led him to the village of Devprayag, where he released Shannon into the Ganga.

bob ash at devprayag indiaDevprayag is located about an hours’ drive above the town of Rishikesh, in the foothills of the Himalayas. It is a small village where the rivers Alaknanda and Bhagirathi converge and form the formal start of the Ganges, one of India’s holiest rivers. Prayag means confluence, and here it refers to the confluence of the two great rivers. Dev refers to the great ascetic Dev Sharma, who was believed to have been blessed with a glimpse of God. The experience at this incredible place inspired Bob to create DevPrayag Yoga Therapy. The prayag we refer to in our title refers to the confluence of Eastern and Western teachings, as well as the confluence of our human lives with that of the divine.

Upon returning from India, Bob sought a place to further his understanding of Yoga and Yogic philosophy, which led him to a place called Ananda, a spiritual community and yoga retreat center based on the teaching of the great Indian saint Paramhansa Yogananda. It was at Ananda that Bob explored the depths of yoga and meditation, focusing on the inward experience of yoga rather than on the physical elements that one would normally associate with the term “yoga.” Bob became a perpetual student, and soon after, a teacher.

For a majority of the past seven years, Bob has been a regular teacher at The Expanding Light, the spiritual retreat center located at the Ananda community. After completing all of the available advanced teaching classes, Bob still had a thirst for greater understanding and began taking classes toward what was to become the first Yoga Therapy certification program.

When it came to assembling a staff for this new venture, Bob realized he was surrounded by a number of highly-skilled individuals who’s experience made them ideal candidates to share the benefits that yoga and meditation offers to our increasingly stressful world. Dev Prayag is now a team of highly experienced yoga and meditation teachers, each with their own area of emphasis. Whether you are suffering from stress, pain, dietary issues or any of a wide variety of physical or emotional maladies, our goal is to team you with an experienced practitioner who understands your condition and who can work with your personal physician to help you lead a more fulfilling, healthy and happy life.