We are here to help you feel better.

We are here to help you feel better.

During the past two decades there has been an increased awareness of the benefits of ancient yoga techniques as applied to individual conditions. Using physical postures (asanas), meditation and energy movement techniques (pranayama), science is now showing us what the yogis have claimed for thousands of years; that the science of yoga is extremely beneficial for the maladies of this modern age.

Our purpose is to sort through this ever-growing supply of research and find ways to apply it to the individual, so that they can live healthier, more productive lives.

What Is Yoga Therapy?

During the past decade, there has been a great deal of research done on the effects of yoga and meditation on various medical conditions. It is just in the last few years that the results of these studies have been analyzed and discussed by the traditional medical community, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive.  …read more

Certified Yoga Therapists

These studies, including an extensive study by the Department of Defense on the effectiveness of Yoga Therapy in treating PTSD, have demonstrated the need for a Yoga Therapy certification program. In 2014, the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) began the process of qualifying schools to certify new Yoga Therapists. Although many schools submitted their  …read more